dance troupe at national stadium

Peace-Links dance troupe at the National Stadium in Freetown.

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Our profile

Peace-Links is a non-profit, non-denominational youth-led organization formed in 1990 to empower young people to step forward for positive change in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We use visual and performing arts (Music, dance, drama, painting) and vocational skills training to give young people a better life. In the About Us section you can learn more about our origin and evolution.


Music and Dance

peacelinks performers

The organization uses visual and performing arts to educate, entertain, empower other young people to overcome their war trauma, learning new skills and lead independent, productive lives.

Please visit our music and dance program page to learn more about our creative art work.



depiction of african culture by amadu tarawallyPeace-Links teaches young people the importance of arts to the country's socio-economic and cultural development. Visual art is taught as a medium of expression for young people. We organize exhibitions that reflect the war and peace experiences of youth.

Please visit our Art programs page for more information.


Vocational Training

Peace-Links provides affordable vocational skills training to under-priveleged youth from across the country to enable them lead independent and productive lives and start businesses of their own.

vocational school students

Please visit our vocational skills training program page to learn more...


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